Our Team
People join Propellerfish to do the most consequential work of their careers

Alex is the Founder of Propellerfish and has been helping organizations put humans at the core of how they invent new products and services for over 20 years. Along the way, Alex has led projects in over 30 countries for organizations ranging from big tech to governments, energy to food. Alex is currently based in London.


Tim joined Propellerfish in 2016 and leads our project management function that keeps increasingly complex projects running smoothly. Prior to Propellerfish, Tim spent 15 years managing global transformation projects and problem-solving initiatives in Financial and Telecommunications multinationals. Since joining Propellerfish, Tim has worked on projects across 15 countries for clients such as Meta, PayPal, Fastly, Shell, PepsiCo  and Cisco systems. Global to his core Tim has lived in US, India, and the UK. He is currently based in our London office. 


Allie is a Director at Propellerfish, managing the US Propellerfish office. She brings a wide breadth of experience, spanning both agency and client-side to co-founding and operating her venture backed start-up, Lupii. Over her 15 year career, Allie has honed her skills as an operator and across innovation and brand marketing roles, always taking a human led approach. She has worked for and with companies such as PepsiCo, Carlsberg Group, Colgate, Mondelez, Pfizer, Pepperidge Farm, and Meta. Allie currently supports teams across the full project spectrum and brings a unique blend of solution-oriented thinking, creativity, and strategic acumen to everything she approaches.


Richard brings over 25 years of experience across strategy, innovation, organisational development and human insight to the projects we run at Propellerfish. He oversees our Consultancy team. Before joining, he developed innovation strategies, new products and services for global clients across sectors. He also  lead a team of behavioural scientists to help organisations unlock potential. 

At PF, Richard has run new tech projects for Meta, business development for Kimberley Clark and new product development for Pepsico. Richard is based in our London office.

Lead Consultant

Sara has worked with Propellerfish since 2020 on a mix of projects for organizations like Meta and Pepsico. Prior to Propellerfish she spent 15 years working as a strategist in both the private sector and public sector. She comes with a strong grounding in human centric thinking and a head for how insights translate into action. In a world of work from anywhere forever, Sara is based in Missoula, Montana.

Lead Consultant

Beth brings multiple lenses to our work at Propellerfish.

After graduating with a psychology degree, Beth moved to Uganda to work with entrepreneurs through Balloon Ventures. She then spent 5 years helping FTSE100 organizations bring about company-wide behavior changes at MindGym before joining Propellerfish in 2023. At Propellerfish, she has helped organizations like Meta and PepsiCo put human understanding at the core of how they think about growth, new products and services.

Beth is based in our London office and works on projects around the world.

Project Manager

Darshini has worked at Propellerfish since 2014 and is a magician at making all the details surrounding our projects seamlessly fall into place. In her time at Propellerfish, Darsh has organised research in over 20 countries across projects for a range of companies including Meta, Cisco Systems, Shell, PayPal and PepsiCo. Darshini is based in Singapore but regularly helps us manage projects around the world. She will modestly downplay her language skills but between us, she’s fluent in English and Tamil (and conversant in Mandarin) She is the logistical genius behind big projects with lots of moving parts in multiple countries.

Storytelling & Events

Jaha has been making  documentaries since 2011 creating intimate films on communities around the world.  Jaha uses film to put insights and opportunity into context. Her work reminds teams that our projects aimed are real people out in the world rather than theroectrical personas in a document. Jaha’s works has put humans at the core of how teams think with our clients. She also invests time in our internal thought pieces which allows Propellerfish teams to follow their own curiosity around emerging topics and questions our clients are not yet putting investments behind. Jaha is based in our London office. 

Project Manager

Gloria worked in communications and project management in Shanghai, Hong Kong and London. Since joining Propellerfish she has coordinated several complex global projects for our clients, with work in the US, Brazil, UK, Italy, Thailand and Taiwan.

Lead Consultant

Dan has a background in account planning within the advertising industry together with many years' experience in designing and delivering innovation workstreams across product and service categories. He's delivered projects on every continent and has also lived in Australia and China for extended periods. Alongside his agency career Dan has a bit of an entrepreneurial streak. In 2023, working with some close partners, he launched Punch House Rum, a flavoured rum brand that's now trading in key European markets.

HR & Operations Lead

Julia is a People & Operations Manager used to working in fast-paced environments bringing order to chaos. She started her journey in Hiring at Monzo before jumping into the consulting sector and finding her way to Propellerfish as a One Woman People, Talent & Operations Team. Julia shares her deep love for People with Propellerfish, putting the human aspect at the front of everything she does. Originally from Germany she spent four years in Australia before moving to London in 2019. 


Inés is an anthropologist with experience in fieldwork, project management, research design and innovation. 

For the past 14  years Inés has worked in a wide range of areas such as policy making, heritage and culture, healthcare, market research, and consultancy.

As a Consultant at Propellerfish, Inés bridges research data into actionable insights. Originally from Caracas, Inés is based in London.


Lulu has spent the past 15 years helping business put human insight and design at the core of how they develop new products  and services. Lulu’s past experiences include time at IDEO, AKQA and Continuum Innovation where she left her mark on brands such as Nike, Ford, Kimberly-Clark, Maybelline, Bayer and HKT. At Propellerfish, Lulu currently works on projects for a broad mix of clients ranging  Meta to PepsiCo. Originally from Hong Kong, Lulu spent 10 years in Shanghai before settling into Propellerfish London. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Lead Consultant

Shweta joined Propellerfish after 10 years spanning strategy, innovation and clinical psychology. She joined Propellerfish full time as a consultant in 2023 and has worked on a breadth of projects for clients such as Meta and the Grameen Foundation exploring everything from financial inclusion to VR, Artificial Intelligence to Cyber Security. Prior to Propellerfish, Shweta worked as a visiting psychologist in psychiatric hospitals and was brand strategy Director at Ogilvy. Shweta teaches belly dancing and hang upside down as an aerial artist. Shweta is based in Mumbai, India.


Nadia combines a diverse background in design strategy with hands-on product development experience. Her career in innovation spans; scoping new future focused product innovations at Samsung to human centred design research at a sustainable technology start-up.  

Project Manager

Terrance joined  Propellerfish in 2023 and has organized research  globally for a range of companies such as Meta and PepsiCo. 

Before working at Propellerfish, he worked in project management in multiple industries and was part of the Singapore Army in the counter terrosim unit combating chemical, biological and radiological welfare.

Terrance is based in the London office. 


Faye is a freelance graphic designer with over 12 years of experience specialising in digital and editorial design. During her time working with Propellerfish, she has played a key role in delivering complex findings into visually compelling formats. Her knack for creating easily digestible and enjoyable visuals enhances the impact of Propellerfish's work, ensuring that information resonates effectively with its audiences.

Wei Leng Pointen
Finance Director

Wei Leng heads up our Finance function, helping us keep Propellerfish growing and profitable.

Wei Leng is based in London.