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Grameen Foundation
Creating An eCommerce Platform For The Last Mile
The Challenge
Help us design an e-commerce solution that brings products and services to villages at the last mile so people at the BoP can focus on what matters: making
Project Highlight

One of the overlooked factors in the way of advancement for people at the Bottom Of The Pyramid is the time-consuming inconvenience of the poor services designed for them. These people spend a disproportionate amount of their time traveling and waiting in line to complete basic tasks like paying bills, receiving aid and buying goods. This is time they can spend more productively, time that the Grameen Foundation and a consortium of partners were hoping to give back to them.

This video looks at the early insight stage of a project aimed at designing a last mile e-commerce system that would help local villagers order goods, pay bills, and top up virtual accounts without having to waste time traveling into the nearest town.

Propellerfish and Grameen Foundation have been working together since 2014 to help the world’s poor live up to their potential. Along the way, we have designed financial services, piloted social impact programs and re-engineered mobile banking ecosystems as part of our ongoing partnership to deliver innovation at the Base of the Pyramid / BoP.