Designing an automotive experience for millenials
The Challenge
How do we rethink the car ownership for a generation that seems uninterested in owning cars?
Project Highlight
In 2010, Audi’s leadership team in Canada had a hunch that Millennials did not aspire to car ownership to the extent that previous generations had in the past. The leadership team felt their kids had fewer aspirations around luxury vehicles and every emerging trend suggested the shape of car ownership was set for a major disruption. Audi partnered with Propellerfish to explore this hunch with millennials in Canada and uncover some key principles for shaping an automotive business around this new generation.

Propellerfish engaged millennials in three cities across Canada. We spent time with them at home, participated in their social lives and their daily commutes. We also spent time out shopping for cars with consumers to understand the purchase and dealership experience from their perspective.

While millennials were not completely averse to car ownership, they were approaching the category quite differently. The sharing economy was set to reshape the way they think about transportation and their expectations around premium vehicles. Meanwhile, digital technology was reframing their expectations around the purchase experience. More informed millennials had different expectations for dealers and the amount of time they were willing to spend in dealerships overall.

The project delivered a set of actionable design principles to help Audi make smarter decisions around how to shape the business around millennials. These principles were targeted at informing the design of everything from the purchase experience to servicing and digital services.

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