Financial Services


Re-imagining Wealth Management
The Challenge
Help us redesign wealth management for the next generation of high net worth individuals.
Project Highlight
“The team at Propellerfish helped us get real in terms of what a new business model would mean in practice.” Chief Commercial Officer, Private Banking Asia & Middle East, ABN AMRO
With the world of wealth management ripe for disruption, ABN AMRO partnered with Propellerfish to rethink the future of their business. We started by getting to know a broad set of existing and prospective wealth management customers. We spent time with them and their wealth managers to understand how they thought about their future, their wealth management journey and the services that exist today.

The individuals we met represent new generation of high net worth individuals who were approaching their wealth management journey with different expectations. These new expectations are set to reshape the service of wealth management over the next ten years. These individuals are more confident around their money and want to play a more proactive role in the process of managing their wealth. While they don’t want to be passengers on the journey, they also realise they don’t have enough time to commit to the drivers seat.

Over the course of an intense month-long sprint, we developed a handful of new wealth management offers from ABN AMRO. These offers started off as early propositions and evolved into a full interface of what the future of wealth management might look like from the perspective of both clients and wealth managers. The result was a new model of wealth management that uses digital technology to put customers in control of their wealth and redesigns the way wealth managers add value as trusted advisors in a world where clients have more information than ever.

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