Hong Kong


Rethinking Luxury Car Ownership
The Challenge
How can we inject more delight into the luxury car ownership experience?
Project Highlight
People change cars every few years, but are delighted on a daily basis by app updates, new technologies and services. As a car company, how do you build that kind of dynamism and delight into the ownership experience? Audi engaged Propellerfish in N. America, China and Hong Kong to better understand the driver experience and develop a series of services, technologies and experiences that create more extraordinary moments in the ownership experience.

Over the course of three country-specific projects we mapped out the driver journey from the moment people considered purchasing a car through to the moment they were ready to trade in for their next one.

Along the way, we engaged a mix of drivers, service centre and dealership staff to identify and understand each stage in the journey. We then engaged experts from outside the automotive industry such as hospitality to help us think differently about each stage.

The result was a map of the driver journey from end to end, a series of opportunities where Audi could enhance key experience points and an understanding of which points would deliver the greatest return on investment.

We worked through that journey with the help of Audi teams and designers in each market to create a series of programs that Audi then took forward and develop further.

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