South East Asia

Understanding motocycle owners in Asia
The Challenge
Help Shell understand motorcycle owners and design forecourt services just for them.
Project Highlight
“Consumate professionals, highly responsive and always friendly. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable working with a collaborative agency team that seeks to understand our market area and can bring new perspective and ideas to enhance the outcome.” Global Car Care Manager, Shell
Understanding motocycle owners in Asia pacific Each day, a huge share of petrol station visitors across Asia Pacific arrive on motorcycles. However most of the forecourt experience has been designed around cars. Shell hired Propellerfish to uncover insights into motorcycle owners and take a human centred approach to designing services for them that would make them more likely to choose Shell.

We spent 6 weeks with riders across Thailand and Malaysia. We engaged motorcycle owners at home, out on their bikes, at service stations, and in group discussions every evening. We also spent time with Shell staff on petrol station forecourts in each market understanding the current customer experience for people arriving on bikes. And finally, we spent time in independent motorcycle servicing shops understanding the trust-based ecosystem of services available to riders beyond Shell forecourts.

Great insights methodologies learn and evolve over the course of a project. Regular insight sessions in field helped us land insights in real time and refine our methodology each day. Meanwhile, film makers and documentary photographers helped us capture the experiential context around motorcycle ownership and servicing. This context helped bring insights to life for global teams around the world who were keen to see the world through the eyes of their consumers.

Over 8 weeks, Propellerfish and the Shell team got to the root of people’s priorities around motorcycle maintenance and shaped a 2-wheeler servicing format which is currently up and running, making Shell a better choice for riders across the region.